West Valley Coalition on Aging

Please join us for our monthly meeting of the West Valley Coalition on Aging. Come join our group designed to inform, educate, network and just plain have fun! We want to combine the power of our knowledge of the industry to help become a valuable resource for the aging population.

Don’t forget to mark it on your calendar and come join us every second Thursday of the month from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM at Glencroft Senior Living 8611 N 67th Ave, Glendale 85302

Baby Boomers will help to modernize the healthcare industry through their growing needs.

Baby Boomers were born in an era that experienced great U.S. political and social upheaval. From race riots to the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam protests, the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK, and the man on the moon to free love and drug experimentation, Boomers saw a U.S. that was both financially prosperous and socially turned on its head. Consider the U.S. economy between 1940 and 1960:

  • Gross National Product doubled
  • Real purchasing power increased by 30%
  • Four-fifths of American families owned at least one car
  • Home ownership increased to 61%

This growth was due to their parents, the Greatest Generation. The Boomers were responsible for some growth: consumer debt jumped from 22% in 1946 to 110% in 2002. Boomers are often labeled as individualist, selfish, cynical, pessimistic, narcissistic, and socially responsible. But it’s hard to label a group that came into the world over a nearly two decade stretch—so much happened so fast over those years. Many are certainly looser with social conventions than their parents. Consider the following.

In one survey, 44% of Baby Boomers were fine with sex outside marriage, 37% approved of casual sex, 29% approved of legalizing marijuana. Americans born in the 40s were dancing to Buddy Holly one decade and starting their careers the next. Boomers born in the 50s grew up with the Beatles, Dylan and the Stones, and protested the Vietnam War in college. The 60s Boomers caught the tail end of Vietnam, Watergate and Richard Nixon’s resignation and Disco. A Boomer born in 1964 could be the child of a Boomer born in 1946.

Glencroft the Best Senior Living in Glendale, Az

Glencroft the Best Senior Living in Glendale, Ariz.

Sometimes making the decision to move an aging loved one out of their home and into a senior living community can be a be a concern without proper knowledge or help.  But if you realize that your loved one is starting to have more and more troubles with daily activities like showering, cleaning, grocery shopping for the house, etc., then an assisted living facility may be a best option to consider.  If you have decided that a senior living community is the best option for a parent, a grandparent, or another elderly adult in your life, you should be ready to do a good amount of research to determine the best place for them. Unlike with assisted living facilities or nursing homes, where the living environments and included services are generally not the same from one place to the next and options can vary greatly.

We understand the unknown can be an emotion filled process. The more informed and prepared you and your loved one are the more comfortable and confident you will both feel throughout the journey.

Discover reasons why Senior Living in Glendale, Ariz. is right for your loved one.

For over 40 years we have provided more freedom, support, social activities and care for your loved one than any senior community in the valley. Is your dad or mom having trouble keeping up with the daily routine like-cooking and chores? Can mom make it up the stairs alone?We offer a continuum of care loaded with unlimited amenities and care services.

Helps to improve quality of life.  Living in a community environment provides proper safety and security to your beloved dad or any senior. With peace of mind, seniors can enjoy various spectrums of events and activities, including socializing, discovering new hobbies, volunteering or indulging in lifelong passions.

At Glencroft the best Senior Living community in Glendale, Ariz., various activities are designed around the layers of the seasons.  Our activities offer a series of programs that benefit residents physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, creatively, spiritually and also vocationally.

Importance of community living.  While seniors can live autonomously in an independent senior living community, they are also surrounded by a community of residents and team members, providing the best of both worlds. This community environment has significant benefits, like it helps to decrease the risk of loneliness or depression, which studies have shown may lead to declines in metal and as well as physical health after the retirement for most of the seniors.

Affordability.  After calculating soft and hard costs, aging in place may be costlier than senior living. Various hard costs such as home maintenance and soft costs like loss of personal connections with family members due to isolation and which sometimes leads to depression, can also impact a senior’s wellbeing also.When considering senior living affordability, don’t forget these aging in place factors such as-property taxes, housecleaning, utilities, and lawn and gardening all these services,

Proper nutrition for daily activities and health.  Eating habits can significantly impact a senior’s nutritional health.  Challenges such as depression, difficulty buying daily groceries and dental problems can also lead to poor nutrition habits for most of the seniors after retirement. A grand senior living community can often improve a loved one’s eating habits. Our senior living retirement community prepares fresh, proper nutritional meals on a regular basis and seniors can dine with other community residents for companionship.



Providence Place is certified by Medicare as a Five Star quality provider of nursing care.

Long term Care


Providence Place is a Medicare certified skilled nursing facility approved for ALTCS. When patients require more complex clinical care than assisted living can provide, we provides excellent care in skilled, rehab, long-term, and dementia neighborhoods. We provide comfortable rooms, nutritious meals, individualized care-planning, group activities, and we accept ALTCS residents. Our medical center (Providence Place) is licensed by the State of Arizona as an A rated facility. In addition, Providence Place is certified by Medicare as a Five Star quality provider of nursing care.

  • 24-hour nursing services
  • Wound Care
  • Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Advanced Memory Care
  • Social Services
  • Semi-Private Rooms
  • Private Rooms
  • Skilled Care Class II
  • Skilled Care Class III
  • Wandering Dementia
  • Special Activities
  • Transportation
  • Attending physician
  • Chaplain services
  • Rehabilitation program
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry Service
  • 24-hour security
  • Nutritious meals, planned diet/snacks
  • Post-Acute Rehabilitation

The normal activities of daily living can become a serious challenge for residents who require complete care for medication, feeding, and ambulation. Providence Place provides a secure and pleasant permanent home for many people with complicated clinical needs, such as stroke, diabetes, COPD, CHF.

Memory Care


memory care


Many families think of dementia in terms of Alzheimer’s disease which is the leading form of age-related dementia. But, Alzheimer’s is only one of many different types of dementia. In senior healthcare, Alzheimer’s or dementia care is often referred to as memory care, and it involves a wide range of mental debilitation along with very different levels of physical challenges.

For example, some dementia patients are completely ambulatory but confused and may wander away from their home at great risk to themselves. Wandering dementia patients require a secured environment to keep them safe. Other dementia patients may be just as confused but not physically or mentally capable of wandering away, thus not requiring as much security.

Therefore, the level of dementia often requires different kinds of memory care. Additionally, any given level of mental debilitation may be complicated by the patient’s physical or clinical needs which may require 24-hour care. As a result, Glencroft Senior Living offers memory care (dementia care) in both assisted living with minimal clinical care, and in skilled nursing with 24-hour nursing care.

Benefits of Assisted Living


Our assisted living programs have been designed to offer supportive care in your day-to-day life by providing the right amount of care based on your needs. Our residents’ lives are enriched not only by the continual engagement of programs and activities, but also by the enhancement of personal and spiritual goals. Assisted Living at Glencroft is more than a place to reside; it’s a place to actively live.

• Medication Management
• Bathing
• Dressing and Grooming
• Housekeeping
• Laundry Service
• Three Meals a Day Plus Two Snacks
• Glencroft’s own TV Cable Service
• 24-Hour Caregiver Assistance
• Social Activities
• Emergency Response System (must order land-line phone service)
• All Utilities Included (except phone, upgraded cable, upgraded internet)


Friendship Villa

Providing personal care for residents that ambulate and transfer without assistance. Needing limited assistance of activities of daily living.

Living in the Village of Glencroft


Are you ready for an active lifestyle in our cozy village?

Glencroft is so much more than a place to live. It is sun-drenched lanes, cool grass, and shady groves that dissolve into friendly, lighted paths after sunset. Here you can live in a real neighborhood, prepare favorite recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen, or or even enjoy the company of new friends in one of our restaurants. On any given day you may fi nd yourself engaged in planned activities in the Villa Towne Center, out and about on your own, or joining a group for an off-campus excursion. Let our little village return you to the carefree life you remember.


• Participate in planned group activities, games, concerts, dances, dinners, trips
• Of course we take care of the buildings and the grounds
• Let us do your Housekeeping
• We’ll take you to local shops and restaurants
• Our apartments have full Kitchens/Kitchenettes
• All your utilities are included (except phone, upgraded cable, upgraded internet)
• Glencroft’s own TV Cable Service
• Participate in our wellness programs
• 24 Hour Emergency GPS Response System is included
• Participate in water aerobics year-round in our indoor swimming pool
• Visit the beauty salon/barber shop
• Shop in our Mini Market
• Attend church with our Community of Faith
• And yes, a Chaplain is on-site

Glencroft at Home

Glencroft at Home 2018                  https://www.glencroft.com/gah

Stay Independent Longer!

Glencroft at Home

We endeavor to help keep your loved ones healthy

If you or your loved one needs a little extra help to live independently, Glencroft at Home is the right choice. Our in-home care focuses on helping with tasks older adults perform each day to stay healthy and engaged with life. We understand how important it is to remain independent at home for as long as possible.

Our team of professionals help sustain and maintain your quality of life. Glencroft at Home, will help provide the best opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.

Care needs are different for everyone

We tailor our services to your unique situation. We are here for you. Who better to call on than Glencroft at Home? Our 45 year old continuum of care campus delivers exceptional care and peace of mind to our residents and their families. Our personal care services are available 7 days a week.

The place that we call home is the place we are most comfortable. It’s familiar and secure, especially as we age. Let us help keep you at home. Please call Glencroft at Home to set-up an appointment. 623-847-3086

Services Offered
  • Bathing Assistance: Support with tub, shower, or sponge bath
  • Evening Care: Preparing a meal, assisting with clothing change for bed, assisting with personal oral hygiene and selecting clothes for the next day
  • Meal Escort: Assistance getting to and from the dining room
  • Medication Management: Weekly or bi-weekly setting up of medications
  • Medication Reminder: Two-three times a day verbal reminder and observation
  • Morning Care: Assisting resident out of bed, preparing breakfast, personal care; oral hygiene, shaving and combing hair
  • Outside Escort: Escort to and from appointments, errands, etc.
  • Personal Laundry: Once a week; wash, dry and put away
  • Respite Care: 4 hour minimum
  • Wellness Check: For those residents whose families would like reassurance that their family member is safe