What Makes You Different?

We are a 501c3 not-for profit which means we benefit from a tax exempt status which allows us to have higher caregiver to resident ratio than most other for profit communities. We are the low-cost leader.

The vision of Glencroft is to create an environment that inspires seniors to experience enriched and fulfilling lives. Glencroft is the largest Senior Living Community in Arizona and the 4th largest in the nation. The community sits on 40 lush acres of citrus trees and grass. We offer all-inclusive services to our residents which consists of housekeeping, security, meals, transportation and activities. If your loved one needs additional attention we offer ‘Glencroft at Home’ services to help with activities of daily living to assist residents. This allows our residents to remain independent for the longest amount of time.

“what makes us different”

Well, you better think twice!

  •  Today is the technology era of the Seniors. More and more seniors are accessing the internet now than ever before. Today, seniors actually make up the fastest growing segment of society entering into the “internet age.” Not only are they joining Facebook in unprecedented numbers, they also are getting into all technology-related items, from iPads and tablets and cellphones to computer games and video as well as health-related technology devices and software.Seniors remember when the first VCR came out and their parents had difficulty in using and programming that simple device. Now it is their turn but they will not be as easily defeated. It is easy to call on the younger generation for help, but they are willing to learn, and learn they will!  https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi-hZ_-lVqM/?hl=en&taken-by=glencroftseniorliving