By offering Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Long-Term Care along with Home Health Services (to support independent living residents should they choose), we are able to provide a seamless transition as your needs change. Residents can remain in the same 40-acre community as their healthcare needs evolve, without the stress for them or their families of trying to find a “suitable new home”. 
People who live at Glencroft, and those who visit our community often say, “There is a difference you can feel.” We believe that difference comes from the passion we have to carry out our mission, our vision, and how we live out our core values.

Community Support

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. 

Phone Number: 623-847-3038 

Our Community Support Representative is available in the Community Support Center (located in the main Administration Lobby) during normal business hours. You can contact them by phone, email at, or by stopping by the office. 

The Community Support Representative is here to answer your questions and provide assistance with a variety of tasks, such as transportation reservations, selling stamps, faxing documents for a fee, and making copies of documents for a fee. Additionally, you can request IT services through the CSC for help with 


Support Services 

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. 

Phone Number: 623-847-3038 

Through our Support Services, you can request Environmental Services, including housekeeping, carpet cleaning, pest control, trash disposal, and sharps disposal. You can also request maintenance tasks, such as repair requests and routine maintenance. 

All routine maintenance will be scheduled during these hours. For after-hours maintenance emergencies, please contact Security at (602) 768-1659. 

Emergency maintenance requests include water leaks, sewer issues, electrical failure, window or door replacement, or lack of AC/Heating.



Henry’s Restaurant and Grill 

A cooked-to-order scratch kitchen that offers daily specials and a wide range menu that includes a variety of ZoeLife options. At Henry’s, there is something for everyone! 

Hours of Operation/Delivery hours 

7am-10am, 11am-5pm 

IL meal plans accepted 



Towers Dining 

Offers a daily breakfast and 3 course lunch and dinner menu that changes weekly. Towers also features a Zoe Life and Always Available menu. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything. 

Hours of Operation/Delivery hours 

7am-9am Breakfast 

11am-1pm Lunch 

4:30pm-6pm Dinner 

IL and AL meal plans accepted 



Fast Forward 

Your one-stop counter service lunch spot! Design yourself an artisan sandwich, wrap, or salad by selecting from our list of flavor buttons. All lunches come complete with chips, soup, and a drink. Rewind, pause, and stop by to check us out! 

Hours of Operation 




Copper Club 

We have your wake up call, afternoon pick me up, and happy covered. We offer a drink selection of coffees, teas, and smoothies along with fresh pastries and or baked goods and beer and wine. In addition to our Henry’s menu, we also feature our Load me up and Fry Me menu which includes designer-loaded French fries.

Hours of Operation/Delivery hours 

7am-10am, 11am-5pm 

Meal plans accepted (not on alcoholic beverages)



The Gathering Café at Providence Place 

Offers a daily breakfast and 3 course lunch and dinner menu that changes weekly. The Gathering Café also offers an Always Available menu. Let us do the cooking and Enjoy! 

Hours of Operation/Delivery hours 

7am-8am Breakfast 

11am-Noon Lunch 

4pm-5pm Dinner 

Meal plans accepted 



Quick Dial

Accounting Office 623.847.3071 

Accounting Receptionist 623.847.3065 

Activities Office 623.847.3009 

BMO Bank 623.435.9957 

Beauty Shop 623.915.6678 

Community of Faith 623.847.3066 

Community Support Representative/Transportation 623.847.3038 

Crossings Lounge (lower level) 623.939.9475 ext. 2050 

Craft Room (Crossings lower level) 623.939.9475 ext. 2051 

Henry’s Restaurant & Grill (Including Take-Out) 623.847.3111 

Fast Forward 623.847.3085 

Copper Club 623.847.3185 

Meal Delivery (Towers) 623.847.3055 

Reservations (Holidays and Special Events) 623.939.9475 ext 2038 

Towers Dining Room 623.939.9475 ext. 2038 

Facilities Request 623.847.3058 

Friendship Foundation 623.847.3199 

Housekeeping 623.847.3058 

Manager on Duty MOD (weekends only) 623.931.4604 

Marketplace 623.939.9475 ext. 2029 

Providence Place Receptionist 623.939.9475 ext. 1000 

Resident IT 623.847.3155 

Security 602.768.1659 

Swimming Pool 623.939.9475 ext. 2015 

Thrift Shop 623.939.9475 ext. 2020 

Transportation 623.847.3038 

Tulip Patch Gift Shop 623.939.9475 ext. 2079

What is GCA?

As a Glencroft resident, you are automatically a GCA member. There are no dues involved.

The stated purpose of the Glencroft Community Association (GCA) is:

1. Act as liaison between the residents of Glencroft and the Glencroft Administration;

2. Assist in providing services and activities for the residents.

The GCA is an organization designed to be the resident voice of Glencroft and to assist in providing effective communications between the Community and Glencroft management. In addition, the GCA is charged with assisting in providing services and activities that will directly benefit the membership and to support the many volunteer activities that make Glencroft a wonderful place to live. This “purpose” is accomplished by a GCA Administrative Board consisting of positions elected from within the GCA membership. A listing of these positions is included in the Bylaws. You may obtain a copy of the GCA Bylaws at the Concierge’s Office in the Villa.

There is a GCA membership meeting held once a month (except in June, July and August). This Community Meeting starts at 3:30 PM in the Glencroft Auditorium on the first Tuesday of each month. Notice of the upcoming Community meetings and minutes of the prior months meeting are posted on the area bulletin boards. Meeting notices are also published in “The Informer” and included on Glencroft Channel 2, as well as your “Smart Phone” App. Remember, it’s your GCA! We hope to see you at these meetings, as a quorum of 55 is necessary to conduct a legitimate meeting.

Services and Activities: The GCA supports and provides funding for the following Glencroft services and activities:

  • Annual monetary gifts to Glendale Fire and Police Departments
  • Campus beautification requests
  • Campus Computer Support
  • Friday Night Entertainment
  • Glencroft Channel 2 and Channel 4
  • Nurses Week
  • Off-campus bus trips by the Activities Department
  • Resident Birthday Parties
  • Resident Telephone Directory
  • Special Projects
  • Tell Tillie Newsletter bi-monthly
  • The Informer
  • The Marie Kauffman Library

The GCA Board Supervises the following GCA activities:

  • Craft Room Activities (Ceramics, quilting and woodcarving)
  • Fund Raising Activities:
  • Annual Food Drive for the less fortunate
  • Employees’ Gift Fund Drive
  • Resident Representatives Activity
  • Spiritual Life Activity
  • Marketplace Activity
  • Thrift Store Activity
  • Tulip Patch Activity (our gift store in Providence Place)

You might ask, “How does the GCA fund these efforts?”. Our income is derived from the purchases you make from Ceramics, Marketplace, Thrift Store, Tulip Patch and the various “Donation” boxes located on campus.

We encourage you to find some activity to participate and/or volunteer your talents, time and energy somewhere on campus. There are so many places here that need volunteers, such as: being a Resident Representative or serving in the Market Place, the Thrift Shop or the Tulip Patch. You could read to residents whose eye sight is declining, lead in group devotions, Bible studies or many other opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, pick up an application form in the Activities Center.